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Targets achieved and the future


1989 Ladin became an official language in the Province of Bolzano. The "Ejam de trilinguism", (three language examination) became compulsory for everyone applying for work in the administration of the Ladin communities or as a teacher in Ladin schools.

In Fascia (Province of Trento) Ladin has been the administrative language since 1993.

New political regulations have been in force since 2001: The Provincial Government of South Tyrol includes a Ladin representative; currently (2009) the Minister for Ladin Schools and Culture, Public Works, property owned by public authorities. A seat in the Provincial Government of Trento is reserved for a representative from Ladin speaking communities in Fascia. In the Regional Council (Region Trentino–Alto Adige) the portfolio for minority languages is reserved for one of the two Ladin representatives in the Provincial governments (Provincial Government of South Tyrol and Provincial Government of Trento). The two representatives do half a term each (a term lasts for 5 years).

Since 2001 the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor above San Martin in Badia offers an insight into Ladin culture.

Since 2001 the Museo Ladin de Fascia houses the Ladin Cultural Institute in Fascia ethnographic collection. The exhibition illustrates material and religious aspects of Fascian culture.


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