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Collectors of sagas


Jambatista Alton (1845-1900) collected a wide range of songs in Ladin, proverbs and short mythological stories including the rhymed epos "L Gran Bracun" and the mythological fable "La Gana dla Val de Mesdì".

Hugo de Rossi (1875-1940) was an enthusiastic collector of folklore from his home valley in Fascia.

Giuseppe Brunel (1826-1892) Was a clergyman who had a profound knowledge of Fascian folklore and was one of the first authors to write in Ladin.

Karl Felix Wolff (1879-1966) At the beginning of the 20th century this journalist and author collected, partially from oral sources, the last remains of the sagas from "The Pale Mountain Empire". After careful arranging his collection he published the first collection of Dolomite Sagas, in German, in 1913.