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Val Badia and Gherdëina

Ladin is used in elementary schools. In the first class in elementary school teaching takes place predominantly in Ladin and German or Ladin and Italian. From the second class elementary school to the third class middle school, teaching takes place in accordance with the parity rule, which includes two lessons of Ladin per week. In high schools the parity model also applies whereby the teaching of Ladin is reduced to one lesson per week. As of 2006 English has also been added to the curriculum. From the age of 9, children learn 4 languages: Ladin, German, Italian and English.



Ladin was only introduced as a teaching language in 1988. In elementary schools Ladin is compulsory. Since 1997 one lesson of Ladin per week is compulsory in all elementary and middle school classes. In addition, one further subject is taught in Ladin.


Fodom and Anpezo

Schools follow the general Italian state model. State law No. 482/99 which refers to the protection of historic language minorities allows for the training of teachers of Ladin and Ladin culture.




Ladin Education Authority

Ladin Pedagogical Institute

Free University of Bolzano - Ladin Section