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Everyday Ladin


In the Ladin valleys (Gherdëina and Val Badia) of the Province Bozen (German)-Bolzano (Italian) three languages are spoken: Ladin, German and Italian.
The other Ladin valleys, in the Province of Trento and in the Province of Belluno, are bilingual: Ladin and Italian. The micro-toponymy of the area around the Sella Group of mountains is purely Ladin, whereas the macro-toponymy of area is trilingual.

Throughout the Ladin speaking area there are pre-Latin (reto) place names as well as isolated words which originate from the pre-Roman period.

For Example:

barantl – mountain pine, mugo pine,
roa – scree, rubble,
crëp – rock, mountain,
dascia – fir branch.

In 1989 Ladin was recognised, in addition to Italian and German, as an official language. This applies to every Ladin municipality in the Province Bolzano as well as in all public offices which are responsible for Ladin affairs.
Since 1993 Ladin has also been an official language in the Province of Trento. Ladin is not an official language in the Province of Belluno.

Dal 1993 è riconosciuto come lingua amministrativa anche in provincia di Trento, ma non nella provincia di Belluno.