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The origins of the Ladin literature

 letteratura identita

For centuries the Ladins passed on only the oral versions of their literary heritage. The first literary texts were created in the second half of the 19th century. There are two reasons for this delay: geographical isolation and/or the lack of a cultural centre but above all, difficult living conditions. The most important problem was to feed the family.

The first literary works include translations from the Bible, collections of proverbs, sagas and a draft version of a Ladin grammar. The first authors to write in Ladin were clergymen from the Seminary in Brixen. Micurà de Rü and Jambatista Alton for Val Badia, for Fascia Giuseppe Brunel and Hugo de Rossi, for Gherdëina Wihelm Moroder-Lusenberg and Archangelus Lardschneider-Ciampac are the academic personalities of the 19th century. One of the first poets to write in Ladin was Angelo Trebo from La Pli (1862-1888).

After the Second World War the first important translations into Ladin appeared, including numerous literary works and especially poetry in Ladin. New forms of verse were created which took their place alongside folk poetry and yearly almanacs. The authors developed a language which was increasingly appropriate to the needs of the new generation.

After the publication of the first novels a literary period began which made the exchange of ideas with the outside world and with other Ladin authors possible.

1631 - The first example of a text published in the Ladin spoken in the Sella area was a ordinance proclamation in 1631.

1864 - In 1864 the parish priest of Urtijëi, Josef Anton Vian from Fascia, published the first grammar of Gherdëina Ladin.

1878 - The first book written entirely in Ladin was "Storia d'S.Genofefa" by Jan Matî Declara.

1905 - The first inter-Ladin association in Tyrol was founded in Innsbruck. Wilhelm Moroder-Lusenberg published the review "L'amik di Ladins" (three issues).

1908 - The periodical "Der Ladiner" (The Ladin) was published. (two issues).

1911 - In Gherdëina the publication of a series of annuals in the form of a book for all the family was begun. The publication was re-started in 1948.

1920 - Representatives from the Ladin valleys met at Jëuf de Frea (mountain pass between Val Badia - Gherdëina) to proclaim the right to self determination.

1946 - The birth of the political organisation "Zent Ladina" which was short lived.