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Werner Pescosta (Publisher)

Roland Bauer (Editor)

Ulrike Kindl

Leander Moroder

Paolo Anvidalfarei


Redaziun Ladinia


In order to publish the journal "Ladinia" regularly the deadline for the handing in of the articles is set for the end of January of each year. In this way the publication of the journal can take place within autumn. As far as the writing of the articles concerns, we refer to the style-sheet. In order to have the same format for all articles in the journal we ask the authors to follow the indications listed under the link above. In this way the editorial staff will safe time and work. Thank you for the collaboration.

Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü

str. Stufles 20

39030 San Martin de Tor

Tel. 0474 523110